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Address Labels

A sheet of address labels, seen at the left, has 30 labels. The labels measure a standard 1" x 2 5/8". We normally use matte-white labels but colored or clear labels can also be provided by special request.

Wine Labels

Our wine labels come in sheets of 6, seen at the left. These are made of a matte-white, non-waterproof paper product. As such, if they get wet, the ink will run or smudge.

Here is a tip we have successfully used on labels for our own home made wine that will help solve that problem. Buy a can of spray varnish from your local hardware store. Spray the sheets with a fine coat of varnish and let dry. Spray again and let dry. This will seal the ink in and make them virtually water proof. Having said that, if you were to soak them in ice water, it may have a negative effect on the label. But condensation from chilling the wine and putting them out where it is warm should not be a problem.

Custom Sized Labels

Standard sized labels are not always what you need. We can easliy create any size label you want. These are printed on full sheets of peel and stick label material. Once printed, they will have to be cut out before being applied. The label sheet shown to the left was designed for water bottles and small sized wine bottles. The labels each measure 3.25" wide by 1.50" high.

Shipping Labels

Shipping labels can be produced in 2 sizes, 4" x 2" as seen in the picture to the left, or 4" x 3 1/3", the same size as the wine labels shown above. The 4" x 2" variety come in sheets of 10. These sheets are a standard matte-white paper based label material.

Round Stickers

Our round labels measure 0.75" in diameter and come in sheets of 108 as shown to the left. The sheets are made of a standard matte-white paper based label material.

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